File MetadataΒΆ

The faacet file format does not use YAML tags to denote the types of objects. Instead, the type of an object is given by a required type key at the base level, associated with a string value.

For now, only Bell expressions and their derivatives can be described, so the only valid type at the root node is BellExpression.

Additional metadata can be specified through the following optional keys:


This section can list references for the information listed in the file. It contains a mapping between properties contained in the file and their source.

Each mapping key should correspond to the sequence of keys to traverse to obtain the property in question, such as or upper.facetOf.local.

The mapping values are sequences of identifiers who link resources such as publications or preprints. The following identifiers are supported:

  • DOI identifiers starting with doi: ,
  • arXiv identifiers starting with arXiv:,
  • URLs starting with http: or https:.

Here is an example of valid sources section:

  upper.bounds.local: ['doi:10.1007/BF02903286']
  upper.bounds.quantum: ['doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.82.022116', 'arXiv:1006.3032']

A short name for the object in the current file can be described by a short string (3-10 characters). This key is only used for objects who have a clear and widely used name, such as CHSH or I3322. Most objects in the database do not have a short name.


shortName: CHSH

One or several names used in the litterature for the object in the current file, as a YAML sequence of strings.


names: [Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality, Clauser-Horne inequality]