Development processΒΆ

The source code and data files are hosted on Github in several repositories. We are migrating these repositories to the branching model proposed in SuccessfulGitBranchingModel.

Starting from March 24, the master branch contains the releases, we use release branches for bugfixes, and a development branch + feature branches during the development. The plan for different beta releases is detailed in Faacets Roadmap. Four main repositories can be accessed:

  • faacets can be used to compile the JAR library and command-line tool,
  • faacets-play (private) implements the Faacets website interface,
  • faacets-data contains the YAML data files for the currently referenced Bell expressions,
  • faacets-docs contains the source code for this documentation (generated using Sphinx).

In addition, we developed two stand-alone libraries:

  • the alasc library implements computational group theory algorithms such as Schreier-Sims,
  • the polyta library performs bare-bones rational linear algebra and interfaces a few polytope solvers.