Command-line tool

The Faacets command line tool can be launched using the library JAR as follows:

$ java -jar Faacets-XXXX.jar –help

of course replacing Faacets-XXXX.jar by the name of the JAR corresponding to the correct version.

The command-line tool provides:

  • commands to deal with individual YAML files,
  • commands to work with compendiums.

Commands for individual YAML files

Create a YAML file from a Bell expression

Use the following command:

$ java -jar Faacets.jar yaml create -o file.yaml -s “[(2 2) (2 2)]” “<A1 B1> + <A1 B2> + <A2 B1> - <A2 B2>”

If the scenario is not provided using the option -s, it is guessed automatically. If an output filename is not provided using the option -o, the YAML content is printed on the standard output.

Commands for compendiums

Create a H2 database file

To create a H2 database file in the compendium residing in the data subfolder:

$ java -jar Faacets.jar comp create-db -f data

If the folder containing the compendium is not provided using the -f option, the current directory is used instead.

If the H2 database file already exists, the software will throw an exception.

Index canonical expressions

Refreshes the index of canonical expressions in the existing H2 database file. Clears the existing cross-references.

$ java -jar Faacets.jar comp index-canonical -f data

Decompose expressions

Decomposes all the non-canonical expressions present in the compendium, using the existing index of canonical expressions.

$ java -jar Faacets.jar comp decompose -f data

Cross-reference expressions

Refreshes the cross-reference tables in the H2 database file.

$ java -jar Faacets.jar comp cross-ref -f data

Add new canonical expressions

Adds all new canonical expressions to the canonical folder.

$ java -jar Faacets.jar comp new-canonical -f data